Free your child's NATURAL GENIUS
to perform to its true potential
and allow them to easily understand
how to live an improved life of
their own design.

positive growth

The Silva Method Youth Seminar is designed to meet the specific needs and aspirations of the youth (12-17 years of age).

Students are provided with the opportunity to discover your talents, skills and abilities, and to direct them to achieve a more exciting and rewarding life now and in the future.

The Silva Mind Method tools and techniques will help your children understand values of how to take responsibility for how you think and behave.

The Silva Method Youth Seminar incorporates the internationally respected "Silva Method of Mind Training" and is used in over 111 countries.

Your children will learn the power of positive and resourceful thinking to develop life-sustaining confidence and to build strong self-esteem for positive growth.

4 Reasons Why Your Children Should Attend Youth Seminar

  • How to spark your children own motivation, self-control, self-esteem, confidence, positive thinking.
  • Effective learning skills to enhance your children's memory, recall ability and develop better relationship with his/her family, friends and teachers.
  • How to eliminate "exam anxiety", peer pressure & stress.
  • How to think big, achieve your children's goals and preparation for an excellence & successful life in today's world.
building self esteem

Seminar Modules

Module 1
Alpha Functioning

Learn to function at the powerful alpha brain wave level where you can learn to use both brain hemispheres to think with like a genius, instead of just one, the way most people do.

Module 2
Positive Thinking

Learn to develop and maintain a positive mental attitude no matter what the circumstances.

Module 3
Brain, Body, Mind Connection

Understand how these components interact and overcoming exam stress and peer pressure.

Module 4
Mirror of The Mind

Learn to function at the powerful alpha brain wave level where you can learn to use both brain hemispheres to think with like a genius, instead of just one, the way most people do.

Module 5
Clock Technique

Learn to wake up without an alarm clock and feeling fully refreshed.

Module 6
The Three Fingers Technique

Tap into the genius within for instant decision making and problem solving. Some uses are for retaining information read or heard and in test taking as well as used as trigger to control undesirable traits.

Module 7
Memory Pegs

Memory Pegs will help you to improve visualization, imagination and memory, leading to clairvoyance and genius faculties.

Module 8
Dream Control

Learn to remember dreams and use them to get information to solve problems while you sleep!

Module 9
Creativity and Brain Storming

How to enhance creative thinking and how to avoid blocks to your creativity. Owning your personal power.

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Seminar Fees

Type Normal Early Bird A group of 2 persons or above Refresher
Onsite MYR 2,300 MYR 2,000 MYR 1,800 MYR 350


  • Early bird : Submission of Registration with payment 3 weeks before commencement of program.
  • Only graduates of this course are privileged for refresher fee.
  • Mode of payment : credit card, paypal, and online transfer.
  • Online transfer made payable to:
    Silva Method (M) Sdn Bhd (Maybank account no.: 014253403661)
    Kindly email us the transaction slip. Email :
  • Fees paid is non-refundable or transferable if participant fails to attend on the registered seminar/workshop date without prior notification (3-working day notice) to Silva Method Malaysia.

Seminar Schedule

Date Malaysia Time (UTC +8) Type Venue Registration
21 September, 2024 (Saturday)
22 September, 2024 (Sunday)
9 am - 5 pmOnsite B-10-1, Northpoint, Mid Valley City,
No. 1, Medan Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur

Silva Method Malaysia reserves the right to change schedule/venue of event whenever deemed necessary.