Silva Method Testimonials

Disclaimer: Testimonials found on this page are examples of what we have done for other clients, and what some of our clients have said about us. However, we cannot guarantee the results in any case. Your results may vary and every situation is different. No compensation was provided for these testimonials. The generally expected performance of Silva Method in regards to any specific disease has not been scientifically validated and we cannot and will not make any promises in regards to any miracle cures.

"Being a very stressed up individual, fearful, hyper anxious and sensitive before enrolling, The Silva Method has guided me tremendously in overcoming the problems that were taking hold on my life that is stress, fear, anxiety.

After utilizing the Formulae-Type Technique after a period of time, I have achieved a state of total relaxation and calmness.

To be honest I feel very, very relaxed, calm and in control whenever I face any negative situations now. My other startling achievement is in my memory for I am able to remember phone numbers very, very easily without effort and in other areas where memory is needed.

These are a few of my many successes which I have capped due to shortage of space, looking at my results, I am simply overjoyed.

I DO sincerely recommend Silva Mind Control to all those out there, who has a sincere desire to seek self-improvement to indulge in this course of great value."

Benedict Albert Louis
Telecommunications Executive

"It's been almost 6 months since I have attended the Silva Method Program. I have been very successful in reducing my stress level ever since I was introduced to this powerful mind-training program for my failed relationship.

Being a skeptic and left brain person made me questioned why things happened in my life which I refuse to accept without the accompaniment of facts (logical.) When I reached home after I had attended the first day of class, I made the biggest mistake: I tried very hard to the point of forcing myself to visualize and dream about what I desire.

My dreams turned out in black and white; even the roses and watermelon. It took me two weeks before I realized that the mind does not accept instructions that employed force. I also did a refresher when I knew that my beliefs were at a minimal level.

What I love about the Silva method program is the affirmations and visualization technique. I always affirm to myself that, "Everyday I am getting better, better and better." Now, I am enjoying myself, more relaxed in facing stressful situations and I also have less frustration in my relationship.

I am less judgmental and acknowledge that the perceptions of everyone can be different. I hope that everyone joins the program because of its effectiveness and the scientific studies support the reported benefits, both physiological and psychological."

Nora Abdullah
Self Employed

"When I was first introduced to Silva Mind Control Course, I was very SCEPTICAL about the benefits it could offer, but upon completion of the course, I found myself to be VERY POSITIVE in my thoughts.

I've been a member of Silva Mind Control for the last 15 years and the benefits I derived from it has been tremendous. I've beomce more organized and relaxed in my daily life and this has made me a better person. For self motivation and stress free life, think POSITIVE and that is what Silva Mind Control is all about."

Tengku Noone Aziz
Project Consultant

"The instillation of positive thinking, creative association, imaginative lab for practically any type of counseling required in the mind of an individual is the most important and relevant exercise.

I felt this method should be taught earliest possible in one's life to get the most benefit out of it. You never know where could you have been should you know it earlier."

Teoh Kim Soon

"From the Silva Method course I learned particularly two very important techniques i.e. Visualization and Relaxation which are very important for controlling the neurons system in order to tap ones potential. I became very positive and creative in everything that I do either at the workplace as for family.

I also manage easily to control my stress which is important especially at the workplace as well as managing my family life. Enjoy practicing visualizations to sharpen my intuition. It has brought me my rewards."

Sharifah Zarohan Jaafar
Lecturer at ITM

"Silva Method gives me hope, direction and control in achieving my desires and wishes. It increases my determination to work towards my goals. I shall henceforth bring in more positive energy and channel it to improve my life in all aspects and to assist others directly or indirectly."

Vena K M Kan
Human Resource Manager

"I have found that the Silva Method is the most practical and applicable method in doing mind programming. I have greatly benefited from this course. I would strongly recommend it to anyone in search of personal development and who looking for a practical way in achieving their lives objectives and goals. Specially recommended for high achievers."

Michael Inthran
Operational Manager

"In the name of God, Gracious and Merciful.

Silva Mind Method is the best of its kind. Psycho-orientology that has been pioneered by Jose Silva, I believe, has helped millions all over the world, walked this earth as a successful creation of God.

I have attended many courses, some are informative and some are life-changing ones. But none is as practical, as simple, as powerful, as effective as the Silva Mind Method. Truly it is as easy as 3-3-3, 2-2-2, 1-1-1.

I practice the Silva Mind Method everyday now, eversince I have completed the course. Believe you me, by the Grace of God, I have achieve everything that I desire so far in my life. You should see my lists. Now I begin to understand, "Human 'proposes' and God disposes." From now on, I keep on proposing and achieving.

Now I am happy. I have a complete peace of mind. I am rich. I do not have any enemy except one. Instead I have friends all over the country. And now I am embarking onto the most wonderful journey in my life. My goal in life now is to help Jose Silva, his family and his foundation, and others to build a better world now and for our next generation, using the Silva Mind Method.

Thanks to Richard Ritchie, my Silva Mind Method guru. He is the best. Everytime he speaks, I can feel his vibration of love, sincerity and total dedication to help me apply the Silva Mind Method in my personal and professional life. Richard Ritchie is the best.

The achievements of millions using the Silva Mind Method is already well-known. I also am walking hand-in-hand with the successful after I have completed the Silva Mind Method. I believe, everybody and especially you, will choose to take the next step to experience the Silva Mind Method. Then, your life can never be the same again. You can, become the YOU, whom you want to be. Silva Mind Method is the answer, is the solution and is the way."

Zubli Zanordin

"I have heard of the Silva Mind program many years ago but at that time I did not have the inclination nor interest in pursuing the program. However, in 2006 my wife and I attended a short 3-day Vipassana meditation retreat in Malaysia where I live and as 'chance' would have it, I met the retreat leader while out walking at shortly after 6 am on the first morning even before the retreat started. We entered into a short discussion and when he learned that I was an American he immediately told me of a chance encounter he had had meeting Mr. Jose Silva while in the US in the 1970s with his then teacher.

He mentioned that Mr. Silva liked what he heard from the Buddhist pair and passed them his Texaco credit card to fund their trip around the entire US arranging for them to stay at homes of Silva trainers. They covered all 48 states and "stayed at castles and 'other' homes" as this was during the hippie era. Subsequent to this meeting, he discussed the Silva program in his Dhamma (truth) talk in the evening and during a large 'Developing the Potential of the Mind' seminar in Kuala Lumpur.

Thinking we understood the significance of this and due to that chance encounter, my wife and I signed up for the next available course in Kuala Lumpur. Since that course our lives have both been upgraded continuously. We both use the techniques routinely and am very impressed with the results we achieved on almost a daily occurrences, such as, having the resources and 'coincidences' occur to attend a 2-week retreat in Australia with my wife's sister and husband flying to Sydney for holiday on just the right day so they could take our young daughter with them so she did not have to fly alone; obtaining employment just at the right time in the US after a very long time of unemployment which allowed me the time to pursue writing my doctoral dissertation in Metaphysics while working and helping a long-time friend manage the turn around of a wood processing plant. My friend was living in Thailand for many years and had previously said that he would never return to the US, but upon receiving an update email from him I learned he had moved to California for this position. After discussing how I could fit in I moved there in late December 2006 to assist as technical director.

Mr. Silva's program was used as reference material when I wrote both my masters thesis and doctoral dissertation. The title of the dissertation is "The Tao of Realization" with Mr. Silva's programs being a large part of the Tao, or the way. I have found the Silva programs to provide for methods to help clear away business difficulties, relationship problems, health issues and more. This meshes very well with my life's journey as I am now more intuitive and open to receive the messages being sent to me both during the exercises and other times. When I program myself to do something before falling asleep it happens, when I program to receive guidance in a dream or through other techniques I receive it. I now routinely expect to receive help from the Other Side.

I have found a calmer, more productive way of life through the Silva techniques ..."

Mr. Steve Setera

"The first ever Personal Development Seminar that I attended and I still believe to be the best training in the domain of the mind. I can only say that subsequent seminars that I've done could not even match the power and impact of the Silva Method. I whole heartedly believe and recommend the Silva Method to all those who are seeking for the answer. Best wishes!"

Lim Si-Pin

"To someone who has been searching for the methods to tap his inner potential, the Silva Method has provided this. I believe that the Silva Method should be the foundation of all other teaching from scholars and philosophers. It does wonders to your belief system."

Information Technology

"I find the course very useful as I can use the techniques for myself. I hope it will help me in every way. Besides that, I also made many friends. I have tried some of the techniques, and with desire, belief and expectancy, they worked! I never thought that it would work, but it did! And it was proven! Now I feel more positive and confident of myself. Really enjoyed it!"

Lisa Tong

"I belief the Silva Method is significant and essential for every individual. Before I attended the course I was unsure, insecure and frustrated due to my previous failures. But after the course, it had given me hope and belief that every individual is a unique entity with a mind of his/her own. The Silva Method is truly essential and beneficial for anybody in any time and in any different walks of life."

Seet Wykeen

"Its interesting. Make me more positive more creative more confident more knowledge learn how to ask question, know how to relax myself. I like it very much."

Sunny Ng Tee Aun

"Silva Method has taught me to consolidate my thoughts, recall memory better, visualize and tackle (most of it anyway) problems before they happen. It's also helped in relieving stress, improve my intuition abilities and had the techniques for bringing out the best solutions in a given problem situation. It's like brain storming with yourself! I thank the staff of Silva Method, Bangsar Utama for all the help and guidance in improving my mind and for the encouragement to press-on in the face of difficulties."

Chan Chee Sing
Mutual Fund Agent

"Attending Silva Method has made me a changed person. I am able to face problems calmly. I do not loose my temper easily. I could even programmed myself to wake up at a time. If I had the time, I would definitely come back for a repeat course to improve my mental control."

Jenny Lee Chooi Wah
Insurance Agent

"I took up the Silva Method when I was Director-General of Health Services at the Ministry of Health. The greatest benefit I obtained from this course was my ability to keep myself in a relaxed physical and mental state of mind, especially useful in problem solving and making major decisions under stress."

Tan Sri Dr Raja Ahmad Noordin

"Silva Method is a useful technique for overcome stress, mind control and improve memories. After going through the course I find myself relieved from the work pressures and tension and no more bad dream during night. I feel very energetic, lively, better and better and no more headache."

Noriah Mohamad Ali
Bank Manager

"The course awake me to be more imaginative and able to visualize abstract matter. It has help to improve my memory ability."

Mohd Kassim Adon
Bank Officer

"I have been looking for something that seems to me as 'powerful' for a long time, something about the power of the mind that enables a person to be energized and more spiritual. I came across the Silva Method through one of my friends. He has been a Silva method graduate for 25 years and he told me that I should attend the program and benefit from it. That was when I first joined the Silva method, approximately two years ago.

I used to constantly think and worry about unnecessary things. I thus felt that I am a 'paranoid person' because of my belief system. I always get stressed and feel down. Thanks to a very simple method I have learnt within 48 hours from the Silva Method, now I am able to control myself remarkably. Using the three fingers technique, I can put myself at ease and I practice it whenever I am looking for a space in the car park or meeting important persons.

My confidence level has also increased gradually. Previously, I always felt that the 'greater' is on the other side and people used to say that I have the knowledge but I do not realize my own ability. I have come to realize that it was all due to my habit of thinking negatively. Now, I have practiced the mind programming and affirmation to always think positive. Whenever I think negatively, it gets automatically reversed and I start to think positive again.

Silva Method has taught me a lot about the relationship between our mind and actions. I understand now that we can do more than we think we are capable of, we just have to learn to condition our minds, I sincerely think that everybody should be exposed to this because positive thinking can be applied everywhere."

Ilangovan Karupiah

"I was told about Silva Mind Control Method from my mother. At first, I wasn't sure and don't know what is Silva Mind about, but after I joined, I learned how to control mind and how important it is to ourself.

Before this, I'm always off-minded, don't have confident and always think negative. I don't know how to control and relax myself. But now, I have more confidence and control myself whenever something bad happens.

This course is very useful and effective. Furthermore, we get to know more friends. I've improved my studies too. And now, I'm getting better and better, thanks to the Silva Method."

Azmaniah Bt. Abdul Aziz

"The Silva Method balances a person's thought and emotion; enhances wisdom. It benefits the human and natural environment, making this world a better place to live in. The method is suitable for people of all spiritual background as it teaches holistic approach in dealing with life and harmonizing all things that come. If it also works on me, it will work on others too. I recommend it highly."

Tee Ping

"I heard of the Silva Method from my husband who was diagnosed with colorectal cancer in July 2005. I have been practicing spiritual healing even before I joined the Silva Method since I am in a family of spiritual healers. After attending the programs, I started to heal my husband and others in need by using a systematic methods combining verses in Quran and visualization/meditation techniques that we learnt from the Silva Method. Now, my husband has been successfully healed others in need.

When healing people, we study the anatomy of the body to understand how the system works. For example, when someone has a problem in their stomach, we visualize the connection of the stomach with other parts of the body. One case study is my own self. Before I joined Silva Method, I had a problem with my bottom right wisdom tooth where it was growing horizontally instead of vertically since 1989, and I finally had it removed in May 2005, costing me RM 2,000! Recently, when my bottom left wisdom tooth faced the same problem, I used the visualization technique to remove it by 'laser surgery' and suddenly the tooth was not there anymore. Astonishingly, I felt the similar post surgery pain for about a week, then similarly, the pain subsided and I couldn't feel or see anymore of the tooth. How should I explain the miracle?

Another case study. My younger brother suffered from long-term memory loss since 1994, at 21 years old. That year he supposed to enroll into International University of Islam for a degree in Economics. He never did. I used meditation technique combined with Al-Fathihah and other surah in Al-Quran after my prayers. I did it twice a day every day. After about 1 month, one fine day while we were having an evening tea with the whole family, my dad asked us what is the plate number of our Proton Saga, one of the 49 cars my dad keeps on changing growing up with him, and suddenly out of the blue my brother uttered in his soft voice a spot on plate number! Everyone of us just looked at each other...speechless! My brother can now drive a car and has enrolled himself in GiatMARA for certificate in IT. Then, there's my eldest sister. She used to be an introvert, cold and snobbish, even to our own parents. She's now transformed into a friendly and warm person; she never kiss my parents' hands but now she did; she never hugged or shook hands with me after 37 years of my life but now she did. How should I explain these miracles?

The biggest impact since I took Silva method is in my career. My husband and I have a presentation to the Prime Minister on a project. On the night before, I got my mind synchronized in the same frequency as the PM, and visualize that he understood the project and the benefits it can generate to the Malaysians. 90% of what happen during the presentation was just like what I visualized! Again, the main question is how should I explain the miracle?"

Nor Hafidzah Alias

"The programming for promoting good health and preventing disease alone is of tremendous benefit to those aged 30 and above and may save heavy medical bills in future. Attending the course is like having a vaccination / immunization and learning to use more of our mind in a systematic and practical way."

Poh Hing Pung
Estate Agent

"Have taught me to live life on basis (principle) of "reap what you sow," that to receive one must give and not ever to will harm or ill-luck upon anyone. To see the truth of, and how to practice, these Universal Laws - this is the gist of the Silva Method.

"Going to level" daily have helped to maintain my health, and occasional bouts of flu and sore-throat (due to my nature of work) have been overcome without medication."

Ng Chee Thong
Dental Surgeon

"I am a man of many talents and I have been aware of it from quite early in life - and that was the problem! I was not able to concentrate on one activity at a time in order to do it until completion.

There was a lack of sustained focus of mind. As a result I was moving from job to job, despite the fact that I did very well in most of the jobs. I was looking for the ideal job which would give me the maximum in job satisfaction as a result of its compatibility to my interests and talents. It was getting a little bit too much, this restlessness and job-hopping, that I got a little bit worried for myself, especially when I began to start a family.

And it was at that time, when I began to "get a little bit worried for myself", that I was introduced to the Silva Mind Control Method. I realized that only your mind can effectively effect any change in you for the better. And SMC Method has all the basic step-by-step procedures and how to go about this.

I am proud to say that I am a very focused CEO of a company in the Sarawak Cultural Village, which has made quite an impact in the Tourism industry in Malaysia as well as in the region.

On top of that I have lately been given another responsibility as Head of the Group Marketing Unit of the Tourism and Leisure Sector of the SEDC Sarawak.

I have not looked back ever since my graduation from my first basic lecture series in 1990.

I hope more people will be able to use the Silva Mind Control Method effectively, as I have, to make things happen to themselves and to those around them, for the good of everyone."

Mr Manap

"As a student, I found many useful techniques that are very helpful in my concentration, rest, and studies. Silva Method is the one and only course I've been that are totally different from any motivation courses."

Lee Siew Thong

"After joining there course, I'm feel better, better and better, more confidence -> life, study and etc. Last time I got many problems -> migraine, tension type headache -> I'm using relaxation method - 321 method and 3 fingers methods. They cured my diseases. Especially the 3 fingers method -> is very, very powerful method and so do others.

Anyway, I'm getting better and better in everyday in everyway."

Go Eng Lim

"The 3 finger technique for locating parking space is excellent. Headache control also works everytime and even non-Silva graduates can benefit from it. Mirror of the Mind technique is powerful for career advancement."

Mr Peter Ooi

"I personally find this course very useful for relaxing, to cope with stress and headache."

Wendy Wong Yuet Kam
Kindergarten Teacher

"What happens at Alpha level? You are both mentally and physically relaxed. So what's the big deal?

The big deal is:

  1. It's been medically proven that high blood pressure and gastric ulcer is directly related to excessive stress. You are not stressed if you are mentally and physically relaxed, it means you reduce your chances of high blood pressure and gastric.
  2. In a relaxed state you solve problems better. I have solved countless problems over the last 13 years and I have no problems with my blood pressure nor do I have gastric - all thanks to using the Silva Method.

Don't believe me - go through the course, find out for yourself. You will then find yourselves telling your friends what I am telling you now!"

Cheong Kun Pui

"During my course study on the Silva Method, I had the experience that for my company problem with the contractors. I focused one situation on my own. Coincidentally, the same solution was suggested by my managing director to me engineering manager."

Ameendeen Mohd Ibrahim

"Methods given and used are very useful, and have helped me in my problems which were present prior to the course and which have lessened after the course."

Edward Francis Patrick Noronma
Medical Practitioner

"The Silva Method balances a person's thought and emotion; enhances wisdom. It benefits the human and natural environment, making this world a better place to live in.

The method is suitable for people of all spiritual background as it teaches holistic approach in dealing with life and harmonizing all things that come. If it also works on me, it will work on others too. I recommend it highly."

Tee Ping

"I was an auditor when I knew about the Silva Method. I signed up for the Silva Method programs because at that time I was very stressed out from the work overload and experiencing a very negative work environment.

After I joined Basic Lecture Series, Power of Vision, Extra Sensory Projection and advanced programs like Graduate Seminar and Self-healing. I have achieved a tremendous accomplishments personally, spiritually and also in my career.

I developed more self-confidence, happier and feel more relaxed than I used to be. I grew closer to God and learned to focus better on my goals, everyday activities and much more.

I also experienced the miracle of getting a job that I wanted. A miracle occurred when I performed very successfully in my studies after I have been taught by my uncle who worked as a professor in local university about Three Fingers technique.

At that time, I had no idea it was one of the techniques offered by Silva Method until I joined the programs. I just knew it was the technique that assisted me surpass in studies and already gained the benefits from it. Now, I'm eagerly waiting to join any programs that offered by the Silva Method for my future investment."

Chow Chiew Chin
Finance Manager

"I and all of my business partners are not educated. But we are able to say: "Oh, economic down", "Business is going down and down", "Business will be worse in future" and we are saying negatives much as possible.

On June/July 1992 I attended to SMC Basic Lecture Course in Penang. Like magic, from July we are doing better and better. Even our part time clerk feel over work.

With my too little English knowledge, I could not describe the real situation. And I could not understand how the course changing me. But it lead me to better and better way to success.

I repeat this course on Sept 1992 to grasp more from the course, and to achieve all of my potential success in life and business."

P. Pandorangan

"The course was a real eye-opener and it really brings home the fact that our 'mind' has tremendous potential. I was particularly impressed when we did the case-studies for healing often. In short, Silva Method works and when practiced regularly, it will help to enrich one's life."

Chung Tze May