Positive Stress Management Workshop

Powerful strategies for managing stress and bringing your life into balance

The Positive Stress Management Training Workshop will provide you the knowledge and the techniques to build stress resilience.

Stress when prolonged, can wear down your motivation. Once you have learned how to manage stress, your motivation can soar. The ability to stay cool and collected, will help you take control and overcome whatever challenging situation you are in - at work or in life - to achieve your goals to be happy, healthy, and productive.

Managers, students and future leaders need the qualities and skills associated with stress resilience to reach and sustain highest performance levels.

This is your route to sustain productivity while maintaining your energy and health... your greatest wealth.

By calming your mind to function within the Alpha Brain Frequencies of 7 to 14 hertz, you will:

  • Dissipate stress and mental tension.
  • Achieve better emotional control and peace of mind.
  • Improve your learning and memory retention.
  • Increase focus & concentration.
  • Have boundless energy, vitality and enthusiasm.
  • Improve your health and fight-off coughs & colds.
  • Fall asleep easily & naturally
  • Great for a pick-me-up energizer after a long gruesome day
  • Improve your intuition and gain access to the creative power of your mind.

Module 1 : Your Amazing Brain & Mind

  • Gain better understanding of the brain & mind and its role in stress reduction.

Module 2 : The Art & Science of Centering

  • Find your Emotional Centre of Balance.

Module 3 : Practical Application of the Alpha State

  • To access the Alpha State quickly - to be calm and be at your best.
  • To energize yourself to stay awake and alert for longer period of time.
  • To reduce tension-type headaches and migraines.
  • To enjoy deep natural, restful sleep.
Helped Me Reduce My Stress

"In regards to my life I have noticed a big change. I used to be under a lot of pressure and stress (job related), but the first time I used the Alpha method just for practice, I noticed that I was able to handle the same amount of daily pressures, and I was calm and able to laugh about it. It seemed odd for me because I was just practicing. So as of this week I will go to Alpha level everyday, at least 15 minutes. I have it on my iPod so there is no excuse. The good thing is that I'm not forcing myself to do this. I actually missed not doing my meditations.

I would recommend it to anyone who is willing to be open and ready for to change to a more optimistic outlook on life."

Mary Lou from Southern California, USA

I focus on overcoming a problem

"My goal for using the system is to attract success and also to find my purpose in this world.

In terms of attracting success, I found that the system gave me more clarity and also creativity. I keep getting ideas as soon as I focus on overcoming a problem. It may not be immediate at times but if I'm sensitive to my surroundings, I get the signs.

Frankly speaking I haven't seen any major achievements partly because I'm not using the system on a daily basis. I sometimes get too caught up that the day seems to have less hours for me..... I feel that way anyway.

However, even with inconsistent use of the techniques; I do get the help from higher intelligence. I certainly thankful for that.

On my goal to understand my life purpose, basically I haven't used the techniques to get the answers. I guess I'm just more focused on my income for now and decided to look into the life purpose later.

For what I have received thus far, I'm very grateful.

Thank you and I commit to consistently use the system from now on. This is not an affirmation but a declaration.

I would recommend it 100%. The least a person would get is to feel relaxed and less stressed. Since stress is the no.1 cause of deadly diseases, this system can solve a lot of problems.

If I knew about it earlier, I would have certainly invested in it."

Ratnasegaran, Malaysia

Being in the Alpha state is truly amazing

"The universal appeal of the Silva Method is brilliant & I have gained personal power as your meditation method has saved my life.

The Silva Method works for me & the information & lessons about being in the Alpha state is truly amazing. Your information has allowed me to relax, has helped me develop my creativity, made me believe in the power of the human mind.

The Silva Method holds the key to achieving all my goals,I would recommend this method to anyone who wants to make a difference in our world."

Cathy Reid

Workshop Fees

Name of workshop Registration Fee Early Bird A group of 5 persons
or above
Positive Stress Management MYR 350 MYR 300 MYR 250 per person

  • Early bird : Submission of Registration with payment 3 weeks before commencement of program.
  • Mode of payment : credit card, paypal, cash, cheque, bank draft or direct telegraphic transfer.
  • Cheques to be made payable to : Silva Method (M) Sdn Bhd or direct telegraphic transfer to our Maybank Account Number 014253403661 (If by direct telegraphic transfer, kindly email to us the transaction slip.
    Email : enquiry@silvamethod.com.my.
  • Fees paid is non-refundable or transferable if participant fails to attend on the registered seminar/workshop date without prior notification (3-working day notice) to Silva Method Malaysia.

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