Smart Learning Workshop
How to study smarter, not just harder

Smart people aren't just gifted - they have a different learning strategy that you can copy.

Smart Learning, Not Hard is an informative and functional guide to achieving perfect grades - created for all students around the world.

This Effective Study Skills have been carefully selected and purposefully arranged with the aim to help you improve and sharpen your learning techniques, study habits & study skills.

At the end of the 2 days, the students will be able
  • To Increase the ability to absorb information while engaged in study.
  • To better organize that information in your brain.
  • Boost your speed and improve the clarity of your thinking under test conditions and many more.
  • To use more of the right brain.

Brain Power

  • Learn from the latest research how to use your brain most efficiently & effectively
  • Understand the unlimited potential of your brain & awaken the 'Sleeping Giant' within you
  • Identify your own natural, preferred style of studying to optimise your learning

The Right State of Mind

  • Goal Setting: ensure your success by setting clear goals with specific plans
  • Learn the secrets of the world's best athletes & achievers. Learn how to gain & build on confidence to enhance performance
  • Get into the most conducive frame of mind to optimize each learning session

Time Management & Study Skills

  • Plan your study time effectively & follow your schedule efficiently
  • Revise in a way that you remember all the important facts for your exam

Memory Skills

  • Discover the secrets of how to remember
  • Remember & recall anything you want easily

Notes Taking & Making

  • Learning map & Linear notes
  • The best & brain-friendly method of making notes
  • Make revision fun & interesting by using colorful learning maps
Workshop Fees

Name of workshop Registration Fee Early Bird A group of 2 persons
or above
Refresher Fee
Smart Learning Workshop MYR 1,800 MYR 1,500 MYR 1,300 per person MYR 300

  • Early bird : Submission of Registration with payment 3 weeks before commencement of program.
  • Only graduates of this course are privileged for refresher fee.
  • Mode of payment : credit card, paypal or direct telegraphic transfer.
  • Cheques to be made payable to : Silva Method (M) Sdn Bhd or direct telegraphic transfer to our Maybank Account Number 014253403661 (If by direct telegraphic transfer, kindly email to us the transaction slip.
    Email :
  • Fees paid is non-refundable or transferable if participant fails to attend on the registered seminar/workshop date without prior notification (3-working day notice) to Silva Method Malaysia.

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