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Silva Method Quantum Success Mastermind (SQSM)

Audio CD
MYR 120


How to set your goal? How can you achieve maximum returns in shortest time? Do you know that you can attract more successes through gratitude meditation? This audio CD teaches you how to set up and achieve your goal as well as gratitude meditation.

Covers secrets to achieving quantum success in all areas of one's life. It has a meditation and a track for programming in theta.

Product Details

ISBN 983-3118-12-7
Number of Discs 1
Length 92.33 minutes
Weight 110 grammes

Audio CD

Track 1 : SQSM Group Process Details & Description (34:56 mins)
A dialogue-narration outlining the details of how you can achieve quantum success in every area of your life - how to set your goals, how to energize and what to do to achieve maximum returns in shortest time.

Track 2 : Attitude of Gratitude Meditation (21:18 mins)
Meditation for expression of gratitude, so you can attract more success in your life. This is in preparation for the actual energization process that paves the path for achievement of your goals.

Track 3 : Achievement Energization (2:03 mins)
The energization of your goals with the theta sound in the background.

Accompanying Booklet
A 26-page booklet explaining the SQSM process in print.