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The Practical Guide to Natural Vision Improvement

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You can regain clear eyesight without glasses, contact lenses or surgery.

In this easy to use and understand book you will be taken on a step by step process that will help you to :

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AuthorCarina Goodrich
Dimensions 9.8 (h) x 7.5 (w) x 0.4 (d) inches
Pages 264
Weight 520 grammes

Section One : Introduction
 •  History of Natural Vision Improvement
 •  Frequently asked questions
 •  Description of sections
 •  Glossary
 •  How to learn this material

Section Two : Self Assessment and Transition Glasses
 •  A step by step guide to your prescription
 •  Self assessment - How to measure your own visual acuity
 •  Checking for fusion
 •  Why is my vision like this?
 •  Transition glasses
 •  Pinhole glasses

Section Three : Setting up your home programme
 •  How to use your reminder chart
 •  You can start right away here
 •  Preparation activities - Getting ready for good eyesight
 •  Specific activities for myopia and hyperopia
 •  Specific activities for presbyopia
 •  Emmetropia - Maintaining or improving good eyesight

Section Four : Specific Needs
 •  Astigmatism - Smoothing the warp
 •  Amblyopia - Are you using both your eyes?
 •  Strabismus - Turning eyes
 •  Patching - Balance the acuity
 •  Fusion - Two eyes and brain together

Section Five : Factors that influence eyesight
 •  Your occupation
 •  Nutrition and health
 •  Emotions

Section Six : Charts and References
 •  Personal programme process map - Text guide
 •  Personal programme process map - Diagram
 •  Self assessment record sheet
 •  Optometric assessment record sheet
 •  Reading chart
 •  Distance chart
 •  Transition glasses guidelines
 •  Reminder chart
 •  Fusion chart
 •  Emotional tone scale
 •  Troubleshooting
 •  Index
 •  For your notes
 •  Further support

About the Author

Carina Goodrich brings to her work a lifetime of immersion in Natural Visoin Improvement and more than 12 years teaching groups and individuals.

Her knowledge and experience of The Janet Goodrich Method is refined in this book into a practical and easy to understand format that will help you to gain the knowledge and skills to manage your eyesight on a daily basis and keep your visual system in good health for life.

Carina is the daughter of internationally best-selling author and world-renowned eyesight educator Dr. Janet Goodrich.