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Coming to Our Senses

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'Coming to Our Senses' is a skillful rewriting of Silva icon Harry McKnight's earlier book 'Silva Mind Control Through Psychorientology'; published in 1972 by the Institute of Psychorientology, Laredo, Texas and was the first book ever published about Silva Mind Development Techniques.

The updated version 'Coming to Our Senses' embodies The Silva Method and Founder Jose Silva's original research findings.

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ISBN 978-983-3118-16-8
AuthorHarry F. McKnight
Dimensions 8.30 (h) x 5.80 (w) x 0.30 (d) inches
Pages 125
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Biography - Harry F. McKnight


Chapter 1 : You are cordially invited to an opening seminar
Chapter 2 : The Inside and Outside of Senses
Chapter 3 : Definitions and Analogies
Chapter 4 : The Silva Method and Contemporary Education
Chapter 5 : How You Develop the Silva Method
Chapter 6 : The Silva Method Blossoming and Bearing More Fruit
Chapter 7 : By Your Fruits You Shall Know
Chapter 8 : Programming End Results
Chapter 9 : From San Antonio to Philadelphia High School Personality Chart
Chapter 10 : The Second Phase of Human Evolution Leads to the Third
Chapter 11 : Enhancing Human Resources

Epilogue: Concepts, by Jose Silva

Brain Evolution Chart

The Silva Method Concept

A Select Bibliography