How I Get Into An Instant Zen State With The Silva Method

by Tariq Ismail

I often times find myself having all kinds of mental chatter in my head. Having a talky head can give you migraines and stop you from really enjoying life or whatever book you may be reading because obviously you're just not focused on what's in front of you.

One quick way I learned from the Silva Method to get into a light alpha state and have a quiet mind is the Three Finger Technique. I'd say something about how that works but I'd best leave it to your Silva Instructor if you haven't taken a class already.

Some days however the light alpha state the Three Fingers Technique gives just isn't enough for me to quiet down the monkey mind and circumstances calls for something a bit more heavy duty.

When the noise in your head gets overwhelming and you need to be in a deeper alpha state with your eyes open and on the go, what I do is I remember that Jose Silva teaches that your brain goes alpha when you look up 45 degrees upwards. Having look upwards and having chosen a spot to stare at, I would put my two index fingers together just below the spot and slowly move my fingers apart as far as possible making sure they still remain within my peripheral vision. When they reach the farthest end of my peripheral vision I'll wiggle my hands and go about my business.

At this point I'll find my mind peaceful and quiet. Nothing much can really bother me here and I find myself being very focused doing whatever I do.