How to Invite a Lost Pet Home

by Tariq Ismail

Every now and again your pets may get a little sick of you or the environment you keep it in and decide to go away on a vacation. As a distressed pet owner you may start canvassing the neighbourhood or put up flyers all or none of which will help get your pet back.

As an alternative you can do what I did.

I had a cat once named Gemps who went missing. I looked around the neighbourhood but to no avail. Gemps was nowhere to be found. After a few days with no sign of him I went into a meditative alpha level and I imagined meeting Gemps who was sitting by a drain somewhere. As Gemps looked at me I invited him home.

Maybe I connected with Gemps here on some psychic level or maybe I just made the whole thing up in my head. Who knows and who cares? Can't hurt to try though right?

Anyway, when Gemps started to get up and follow me, I broke the "connection" and got back to my normal waking state. I read somewhere that you kinda want to let go at this point so when Gemps came back to mind after I cut the "connection" I brushed the thought aside and focused on other things. Two days later I opened my room door after waking up and there was Gemps lying on my slipper looking right up at me as though he never left.

I tried this with another cat named Phantom Elvis and he came back two months later, had a hearty meal and went off again on his merry way. So you can't use this to mess with free will, even with animals!