How to Find Lost Items with The Silva Method

by Tariq Ismail

Losing stuff can be irritatingly inconvenient, but that's just stating the obvious. If you're in a hurry and you can't find those damn car keys the best way to have it show up again so you can make that appointment on time is to just slow down...way down so your lost item will show up.

What I usually do is use the Three Finger Technique.

On one hand do the Three Finger Technique. On the other hand imagine yourself holding the object that you lost. Imagine what the object feels like, its shape, temperature, texture. You'll also want to see the object in your hand so as to make it real.

If you're doing the Three Finger Technique correctly you should be calm enough to focus and get a lock on the imagined object. At this point you'll want to get up and move around a bit or lift a few things up just for the heck of it.

If you haven't found the missing object right in front of you by this time you may feel guided by your intuition to stand on a chair or crawl under some furniture. Go with it and you'll be surprised the obscure corners your intuition may lead you to find your lost stuff.

I used this to find a missing wallet once. I knew I didn't lose it in the room I was at and I actually thought I may have dropped it at a restaurant but I did the steps above anyway. I then had an epiphany to look under my car seat. Lo and behold, there was my wallet the whole time.