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Short Relax

Audio CD
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The Short Relax Exercise is a systematic, step-by-step guided process to help you arrive at a state of total physical and mental relaxation.

This relaxed state promotes mental clarity and will increase your energy, improve your mood and keep you clam.

Product Details (Audio CD)

ISBN 983-41131-03-7
Number of Discs 1
Length 63.08 minutes
Weight 90 grammes

Track 1 : Mind Control Sound (40:00 mins)
The Mind Control Sound will help you get on Alpha track. The tone and frequencies acts like a suggestion to the brain & body, particularly the brain waves to slow down. It will coax you into progressively deeper, calmer state of mind.

Track 2 : Short Relax Conditioning Cycle (23:08 mins)
A systematic, step by step guided process to bring you to a state of relaxed alertness.