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The Silva Method Basic Lecture Series Review Kit

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Do nightmares wake you up in the middle of the night? Are you suffering from headaches and you feel sleepy during the day because you lack quality sleep?

You can control all of these through The Silva Method Techniques!

Have you tried The Silva Method Techniques? What are you waiting for? Make a change and try it now!

This Basic Lecture Series Review Kit audio CD is the follow-up to the Basic Lecture Series which is the foundation program of the Silva Method and contains 'Whole Brain Synchronization Conditioning Exercises'

The Basic Lecture Series Review Kit audio CD contains a comprehensive selection of life success techniques, which you will learn to apply at the creative alpha level of your brain. This practical training allows you to learn by experiencing and by using the laws of the mind in the most effective way. It is also the only kit which is narrated by The Silva Method Founder Jose Silva himself!

Product Details

ISBN 983-3118-00-3
Number of Discs 4
Length CD One : 61.81 minutes
CD Two : 47.46 minutes
CD Three : 29.47 minutes
CD Four : 41.81 minutes
Weight 270 grammes

Disc One
Track 1 : The Long Relax (26:35 minutes)
Track 2 : Alpha Sound (35:46 minutes)

Disc Two
Track 1 : Sleep Control (13:46 minutes)
To Awake Control (7:36 minutes)

Awake Control (8:02 minutes)

Track 2 : Dream Control (9:13 minutes)
Headache Control (9:49 minutes)

Disc Three
Track 1 : The Mental Screen
Memory Pegs (11:14 minutes)

Track 2 : 3-Finger Technique (10:10 minutes)
Track 3 : Mirror of The Mind (8:23 minutes)

Disc Four
Track 1 : Hand Levitation Technique (16:11 minutes)
Glove Anesthesia Technique

Track 2 : Glass of Water (9:58 minutes)
Weight Control (7:58 minutes)

Smoking Control (8:54 minutes)